Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #206 : Treasures

I am  honored to have been invited to be a guest host for Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #206  by the Lens-Artist team. This week’s topic is Treasures, with can be wealth or riches like precious metals, money, jewels, or anything that a  person greatly values. This week, we invite you to share what you treasure. I […]

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #206 : Treasures

Seeing them, it was realized for the first time that nature has made every place full of different treasures in its own style. All that is needed is your eye that can recognize them. Everything in the world is precious.

Life-Changing Watercolor Advice

When I took my first painting lesson in 1995, YouTube didn’t exist. If I wanted to learn watercolor, I needed to either learn by myself, find a book on painting at the library, or take a local workshop as soon as one was offered. My art education became a combination of those three approaches, and […]

Life-Changing Watercolor Advice


It’s been an unusually busy week, so I am showing an old painting that I havent posted before. It is of part of Lord Street, in Southport, where I live. It depicts busier times. Yesterday and today I’m doing a double stint at the pop up gallery which is feet away from where this painting […]


प्रतिलिपि पर पढ़ें – “कहाँ पहचान अच्छी है !!!”

“कहाँ पहचान अच्छी है !!!”, को प्रतिलिपि पर पढ़ें :
भारतीय भाषाओँ में अनगिनत रचनाएं पढ़ें, लिखें और दोस्तों से साझा करें, पूर्णत: नि:शुल्क

भूली बिसरी याद

करीब 15 साल पहले मैनें ये पेंटिंग एक बहुत ही मशहूर पोस्टर से कॉपी करके किसी को बना के दी थी.
इतने साल बाद अचानक उस घर में अपनी गाडी से सवारी छोड़ने के लिए जाना हो गया तो मैं अपनी बनाई तस्वीर को पहचान गया.ये आज भी वैसी ही है जैसी पहले थी,उन लोगों ने बहुत संभाल के रखी हुई है.
मुझे ये पेंटिंग देख कर बहुत खुशी हुई तो मैनें  इसके साथ ये तस्वीर खिंचवा ली.
अच्छा लगता है जब अपने हाथ से बनायी कोई चीज़ अचानक बहुत समय बाद सामने आ जाये,जबकि आप उस को भूल चुके हों..ये अहसास अपने आप में अजीब व बहुत ज्यादा खुशी लिए होता है.


jagdish ‘Disha’

I only got to know yet.

I think that anyone can not become an expert in mastering of living life.Everyday is a different lesson of the book of life.


As you reading,so the pages are increasingly complex and mysteries grow.if you are interested in reading… so no shortage of pages.


Gradually, your soul will be more hungry for intellectuality and other types of waste hunger will be ending.
No end to the journey of understanding but,about everything…is not possible.


   The secrets of nature are for more deep than the limitations of our extent of brain thinking.

jagdish ‘Disha’

Forget that image of Bruce Jenner and start writing!

Ned's Blog

write write write copy

I’m going to open with a simple truth:

Step one to being a writer:Write!

That advice seems pretty straight forward. The kind of obvious straight forwardness that carries you with complete confidence toe-first into a brick. Like most advice we’re given, the wisdom behind it is simple; the problem comes in the execution.

And while there are countless books out there offering tips on everything from how to get inspired and avoid writer’s block to the kinds of foods that promote creative thinking (which, judging from what I read, you will be doing mostly while on the commode), all of those books essentially come down to one universal truth:

Nothing promotes and stimulates writing better than…

You guessed it:

Excessive drinking.

But let’s suppose you don’t want to become an alcoholic? Does that mean you’re not truly committed to being a writer? Could it jeopardize your dream of becoming…

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